Career ideas: Perfect way to find a job

Finding a job starts with lots of career ideas. You should know first what career ideas are popular and in-demand.  Through that you can choose a course you want to take.  A very important career which people seldom take is anything related in Science.  But if you love sciences and its applications, get a degree in Science now.

Science is defined as a discipline learned through a systematic study.

Majors available:

  • Astronomy
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Etymology
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

Career Ideas can help you explore new job opportunities.

Even in times of financial crisis you can get a part time job, especially if you are a student or if you need extra income. The good news is that there are plenty of career ideas for a part time job that you may want to consider.

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Career Ideas for a Part Time Job

A simple navigation on the Internet and using  profile sites for “networking” will generally be enough to understand that you have enough options on hand when it comes to career ideas for a part time job.  For instance, you could work in sales, insurance, call centres, in distribution or in event management. In fact, almost every industry has part-time jobs available, especially dedicated to beginners, so there are numerous career ideas to choose from.

HR experts recommend career ideas such as not to focus on finding a certain job, but actually on an activity that you like. You will progress much faster if you do something with passion. You will be seen as an enthusiast co-worker and, soon, the employer might propose to you to work full time.

So, before you start applying for a part time job, says expert, think about what you love and what do you think you understand very well. This way, you will come up with career ideas for a part time job that you will actually love.

Here are some of the best career ideas for a part time job:

Party organizer
For example, if you have successfully planned the surprise party of a friend, you could cope successfully in a company that organizes events. On the other hand, you could have fun at parties for children, where you can act as a clown.

  • Courier

If you love to ride a bike, one of the best career ideas for a part time job would be to send your CV to courier companies. Usually, they always need serious, conscientious and responsible people, so if you are not afraid of hard work, you could give it a try.

  • Cosmetics Distributor

Rather than taking your cosmetics to your friends and working in various multilevel marketing systems, you could start to sell and distribute cosmetics products for a variety of companies that offer this kind of job. This is one of the best  career ideas for a part time job for girls.

  • Call-centre operator

Selling by phone or customer relationships cannot be so hard, especially if you love to communicate; you are calm, patient and perseverant (but within the limits of common sense). If you know two languages, you’re the ideal candidate!

  • Insurance Agent

Such a part-time job is ideal if you are looking for career ideas without a fixed schedule. Here you are the one who sets the schedule. Your earnings will depend on how many hours you choose to dedicate every day for this activity, and how seriously do your job. Of course, an insurance agent must master the art of persuasion and to know very well products in order to answer all customer questions.

  • Promoter

One of the career ideas is to avoid too glamorous to get such a job. However, it is necessary to have a neat appearance. In fact, working with people and being nice is what it takes to be a promoter. Whether you share folders or present new products in supermarkets, communication must be at its peak.

  • Hostess

It’s a relatively easy job and one of the of the best career ideas for a part time job. Usually, you should receive invitations to a party or event – an exhibition, or the opening the restaurant. To occupy such a post, you must be presentable, polite and communicative.

  • Secretary

In order to be a secretary, you should not necessarily aim for a post of “assistant manager” at a multinational company. Career ideas for secretary include anything from nongovernmental associations to small businesses that do not need a “full time “secretary. Search the Internet for companies with up to 10 employees and write them an e-mail to express your willingness to work for just four hours a day.

  • Babysitter

If you like kids, what part time career ideas could be simpler? Busy parents with children are looking for loving nannies everywhere. Even among your neighbours! A brief conversation with the administrator of the building will be enough to find out who needs supervision for their children.

  • Supervisor for animals

Not only children need a nanny but also animals left home alone while their owners are away at work. If you are serious and organized, you could even have more customers, so that in four hours you allocate to your part-time job, you could walk more dogs, not just one.

The above are just a few of the best career ideas for a part time job. If you are looking for more permanent employment that pays better, you may consider getting a degree, as in the current economy, a superior qualification will open you numerous career ideas that are not available to those without a degree.

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