07 Sep 2020

What is an ACCA Certificate?

Every business needs the expertise of an

07 Sep 2020

Every business needs the expertise of an accounting professional. These experts are essential personnel in any corporation as they are in charge of finances and revenues. That is why accountants go through rigorous education and training. They also need to have recognition from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) or get an ACCA certificate. By doing so, they offer a more trustworthy set of skills to the market.

About ACCA certificate

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a membership body for all accounting professionals. It is a globally-recognized organization focused on developing strong global accountancy services. They provide exceptional financial expertise through their ACCA degree programs, where aspiring and established accountants get ACCA certificates.

With the help of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, many emerging economies have gained financial stability. This is because accountants with ACCA certificates are equipped with forward-thinking skills and innovative business solutions fit for any demanding industry.

Hence, having an ACCA degree means that you become a qualified and elite specialist in the corporate world. With such credibility on hand, you provide exceptional services to your clients no matter how challenging their endeavors may be.

How to get an ACCA certificate

Becoming an accountant and getting an ACCA certificate or ACCA degree is not easy. The process entails a challenging academic path that you need to take four years through a Bachelor’s degree program. After that, you need to take a licensure exam and acquire a professional license for your profession. By then, you can apply for this degree to further enhance your credibility as a financial expert.

To get an ACCA certificate or ACCA degree, you need to have:

  • Three years of work experience from an ACCA-approved employer
  • Two years of relevant experience as a practicing professional accountant after your ACCA membership application
  • Display accounting expertise mentioned in the association’s Practising Certificate Experience Requirement (PCER) document, such as leadership and management, corporate reporting, and sustainable management accounting.
  • Complete 13 exams, and ethics and professional module

Sure enough, getting an ACCA certificate is not easy. It also requires years of completion and some financial responsibilities. Thus, making it a prime recognition for accounting professionals.

Can you buy an ACCA certificate?

Due to the demanding process of getting an ACCA certificate, some accountants prefer not to get to this recognition. This is because most of them do not want further stress when they already have an established career.

However, it is still important to get an ACCA certificate. But, is there any way to get it easily? Can you buy an ACCA certificate online?

Yes! It is possible to buy a degree or certificate from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. There are websites like us who offer such services.

With our official affiliation with ACCA, we can conveniently provide you an ACCA certificate or degree minus the hassle. Plus, it will come with all supporting documents you need to prove its validity.

We also provide legalization and verification processes for our documents. Meaning, if anyone were to do a background check about your ACCA degree, they will not find any fault. This is because lawyers and authorized officials signed and approved your degree. Hence, it will safely appear on any background check.

Benefits of an ACCA certificate

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants have partners all over the world. Also, since one of their main focus is to connect economies through their financial and accounting services, having an ACCA certificate or degree is indeed the game-changer you need in your career.

Marketable set of skills

Having an ACCA certificate means that you have the values and expertise offered by the association. With that, you have a marketable skill set that will stand out in a competitive market. Many organizations and companies will ask for your services as you have above quality competency in what you do.

Income benefits

Those who have ACCA degrees or certificates experience better income potentials. They land jobs in elite companies that are willing to pay for their prime expertise. Hence, having this recognition from ACCA will let you have a prosperous career as an accountant.

Solid job foundation

When you have an ACCA certificate or degree, you can have better professional credibility. This will help you have a more substantial job foundation and yield a stable professional life as a financial expert. Meaning, you do not have to worry about the usual threats to one’s career, such as demotion and losing your job in the future.

Overall, those who have certificates from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants experience better working conditions than those who do not have an ACCA certificate. Plus, it provides more advantages to your career.

But, if you truly want to improve your chances, it would be best to buy an ACCA certificate from us. It will generally kickstart your career and your way towards a successful future. With our ACCA certificate, you can easily earn all the benefits mentioned above without too much stress.

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