03 Sep 2020

Accelerated Second-degree Nursing Programs Online

Nursing is among the most in-demand jobs

03 Sep 2020

Nursing is among the most in-demand jobs of all time. It is also one of the highest-paying industries with nursing professionals earning an annual salary of at least 70,000 USD. That said, in today’s struggling economic standing and competitive job market, pursuing this profession is the best option. On that note, if you want to change careers and be a nurse fast, you need to check out accelerated second-degree nursing programs online.

What is accelerated second-degree nursing programs

If you are looking for an easy way to start a nursing career, then accelerated second-degree nursing programs online are for you. These are academic degree offerings similar to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN. However, accelerated second-degree nursing programs are specially designed for taking nursing programs as a second degree. Meaning, those who take these courses have previous academic recognitions, such as a Bachelor’s degree—even from an unrelated industry.

Accelerated second-degree nursing programs are easier to finish, unlike traditional BSN degrees. Students usually complete their coursework in a span of one to two years. This is because you only need to study fundamental theories and practical expertise in healthcare. Plus, you do not have to take general education classes since you already have a pre-existing Bachelor’s. Hence, the faster academic schedule.

Top accelerated second-degree nursing programs online

Pursuing a career in nursing is no easy feat. You need to have the right set of skills and a dedicated mindset to succeed in such a profession. Yet, most people in the US can start their healthcare career as registered nurses (RN) by passing the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX. After that, they can choose whether to take further education to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). 

Registered nurses who want to further their careers need to earn a BSN. In this way, they can move up the socioeconomic ladder of their industry. However, with their busy schedules, it can be hard to juggle work and studies simultaneously. The solution? Enroll in accelerated second-degree nursing programs online.

You can find the best accelerated second-degree nursing programs from these universities:

Purdue University Global

When it comes to innovative and modern distance learning solutions, Purdue University Global is among the highest-ranked academic providers. It offers hundreds of online degrees fit for working professionals. One of its prime-degree offerings is an RN to BSN program. It is an accelerated second-degree nursing program you can finish in 18 months. Through its coursework, aspiring BSN degree holders will have professional healthcare leadership skills, healthcare management expertise, and the right knowledge base for indirect and direct patient care.

Marian University

Marian University is a private Catholic educational facility best known for its degree offerings in the field of Science and Medicine. It offers one of the top accelerated nursing degree programs through its Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program. Students enrolled in the ABSN program can get an accelerated nursing degree in as little as 16 months. Despite the short time of schooling, graduates are guaranteed to have the right healthcare expertise earned through rigorous hybrid online nursing theory courses, hands-on nursing skills and simulation labs, and in-person clinical rotations.

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

The Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is a leading academy dedicated to providing accessible and well-rounded academic experience through virtual platforms. One of the best degrees to take from Saint Mary’s is its online BSN degree. It is a 100% fully online accelerated second-degree nursing program you can finish in a year. It provides nurse-friendly flexible academic schedules and interactive learning online classroom experience.

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accredits all of these universities’ accelerated second-degree nursing programs online. Meaning, you will only receive the best form of quality education. Hence, yielding a useful diploma that you can earn fast.

Benefits of accelerated second-degree nursing programs online

People who want to shift careers and pursue a nursing profession need a learning path that is practical and convenient. These aspiring healthcare workers already have enough responsibilities at hand that adding rigorous coursework and four more years of education to their plates will only lead to a disastrous stressful outcome. Hence, if you want a stress free and easy transition to a nursing profession, why not enroll in accelerated second-degree nursing programs online?

Aside from that, here are more ways an accelerated BSN program can help your journey:

Flexible academic schedule

Accelerated second-degree nursing programs online offer flexible academic schedules. In which students can have the liberty to choose and customize their coursework. They can also begin and end their classes anytime and anywhere. That is why it is very popular among working professionals.

Fast BSN degree

An accelerated second-degree nursing program will fast-track your nursing career. Imagine, you can get a valid academic recognition in nursing in a year! Unlike the traditional BSN, you do not need to spend four years of education in a close-knitted classroom. Instead, you can have more time dedicated to mastering your skills as you enter the industry early.

Solid career foundation

True enough, you do not need to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing to start a career as a nurse. However, if you want to earn more or gain better positions in your company, a BSN is the most important tool. When you enroll in accelerated second-degree nursing programs online, you will have an official and accredited BSN in no time. Hence, improving your credibility as a professional and helping you have a more solid career foundation.

Nurses are the darlings of the healthcare industry. The profession exudes selflessness and inspiring, compassionate traits that pass on to their patients. However, beyond the heroic facade, nurses go through the most demanding and challenging working situations. Yet, every hard work is worth it because it is also among the most rewarding professions in the job market.

When you become a nurse, you have the opportunity to change lives for the better. Aside from that, you will also enjoy an annual income of at least 75,000 USD. Plus, you will always find employment opportunities wherever and whenever since you are an in-demand member of society.

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