27 Aug 2020

Get an Arizona State University (ASU) Degree

Are you looking for an easy and

27 Aug 2020

Are you looking for an easy and secure way towards success? What you need is an academic recognition, like a degree from Arizona State University (ASU). With such a document on hand, you will surely gain advantages that will help you ease your way into a more prosperous future.

About Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is an educational powerhouse with a rich academic history dating back to 1886. In its more than a hundred years of providing learning excellence, ASU has been a constant top-ranked university, with it being the number one innovative school in the US. Aside from that, it is also a leader in undergraduate and graduate education alongside its multi-awarded faculty.

Currently, it is among the largest universities in the US, serving more than 60,000 students. It is also among the less competitive and more accessible schools with its 85% acceptance rate. Despite its perverse admission level, it has 87.8% first-year student retention rates. Thus, making it the number one university in the state of Arizona.

Why choose Arizona State University

The corporate world is becoming more demanding each day. Before, you can have any degree and enjoy advantageous benefits in your professional life. However, nowadays, such credentials are not enough. What people truly need is to have a diploma from top schools, especially if they want to achieve success in their careers. And that is what Arizona State University dedicates its services to—the greatness of their students.

Besides that, here are more reasons why you should study in ASU and get an ASU degree:

A myriad of degree offerings

Many students trust ASU for higher education because it provides different academic paths with more than 800 degree offerings. Thus, knowledge seekers will surely find a discipline or major suitable for their preferences.

Modern learning solutions

Aside from the myriad of degree offerings, ASU also has varying learning methods. Students can enjoy the ASU experience by enrolling in any of the school’s programs, such as its 4+1 accelerated degree program, physical classes, and online classes. You can also choose whether to take a 15-week or 7.5-week semester. Thus, giving you more control over how and when you will finish your degree.

Double major benefits

Arizona State University values accessibility and convenience in providing educational services. And one way of doing so is by letting its students earn two majors or degrees at the same time it takes to finish one degree. Add a second major through your academic advisor during your admission process. With a double major or two ASU degrees, you can fare better in a competitive job market as you have more expertise up your sleeves.

To put it simply, Arizona State University gives its students all of the resources they need to be career-ready. And with its notable background in quality education and its regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, you warrant that you have the best form of learning.

How to get an ASU degree

Now that you know the kind of academic experience you can enjoy by enrolling at Arizona State University, you are most likely interested in how you can get an ASU degree. Hence, below are the general requirements you need to provide for you to start your scholarly journey with ASU.

Submit an application form

Arizona State University has four different campuses in Arizona. Hence, it recognizes different applications. Students interested in getting an ASU degree can either apply through ASU’s Application for Admission, Common Application, or the Coalition Application. All of which are done online. 

Pay the application fee

After submitting your application form, you need to pay ASU’s application fee. This is 50 USD for Arizona residents and 70 USD for domestic non-residents. You can pay through credit card, ASU website’s e-Check, or mailing a check or money order to Arizona State University’s Admission Services.

Provide an original copy of transcripts

In order to be an eligible college student, you need to have a prior educational background. And to prove this, you need to submit your high school transcripts personally if you are a freshmen candidate or your record from your previous school if you are a transferee. Your transcript is also required so that ASU can evaluate if you are fit for financial aid and scholarships.

Directly send your standardized test results

SAT and ACT results are standard requirements for college applications. Like any higher education facility, Arizona State University uses standardized test results to make school acceptance decisions, like course placements. Therefore, you need to send your SAT and ACT results to ASU’s office.

Apply for financial aid

Arizona State University offers financial aid to more than 80% of its students. To apply for this, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This step is not necessary. However, ASU highly recommends candidates to apply for financial assistance as this will make their university life less burdensome.

Those who have an ASU degree or ASU diploma have better chances of enjoying their professional life. Almost all Arizona State University graduates find employment opportunities 90 days after graduation. Plus, employers recruit more than 2,000 workers from ASU. This is because many companies trust the capability of the university in providing valuable skilled individuals.

Hence, if you have an ASU diploma, you will surely have an easy way towards success. With an online accredited ASU degree, you can have better working opportunities that yield better job positions and higher salary wages. Thus, letting you have a solid foundation for a fruitful and secure future.

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