27 Aug 2020

The Best 2-Year Degrees Online

Google recently introduced its modern take on

27 Aug 2020

Google recently introduced its modern take on the traditional college degree, which they call Google Career Certificates. Now, this revived a discourse long talked about but often ignored—the importance of four years in university. In which many people debate that taking too much time in school for a college degree is a thing of the past. Now, current educational trends gear towards the best 2-year degrees universities can offer.

Even before Google’s announcement, two-year degrees have long been shifting the paradigm of modern higher education’s relation to work success. However, because of the company’s prominence, its latest announcement truly put the limelight back to what two-year degrees can offer, like convenience and accessibility to quality education.

Instead of taking a four-year academic program to earn a Bachelor’s degree, the best 2-year degrees available on the market will let students earn a valid academic recognition through enhanced vocational programs usually offered online. These classes prepare students with essential real-life career skills that are useful in the corporate world.

As a result of the tech company’s recent addition to its services, more people will surely look out for the best two-year degrees online. Thankfully, there is already a myriad of degrees available in the virtual academic community. Hence, the only problem at hand is finding the right education provider and the right discipline to focus on.

The best 2-year degrees available online

As of the time of writing, Google has yet to announce the final list of its course offerings and costs and requirements. However, do not worry. You can still acquire an accredited two-year degree online from other educational institutions. Before you start looking for schools, you should first understand the different kinds of the best 2-year degrees you can find online.

Associate’s degree

Associate’s degrees are the most common and most traditional two-year degree you can find. It was first introduced in the United Kingdom and slowly made its way to the United States in 1898. Hence, you can enroll in an Associate’s degree program in most universities and colleges in the US.

Generally, an Associate’s degree is the entry-level for undergraduate studies. It focuses on providing basic and technical knowledge and skills needed for one’s career. Although it is not a prerequisite for a Bachelor’s degree, having this academic recognition can help fasten your time in university as it offers transferable credits.

People who have an Associate’s degree can use it to gain employment opportunities. These jobs are usually in industries highly demanding hands-on skills in the field of tech, construction, transportation, business, and communications.

Accelerated degree

People think that the only way to obtain traditional degrees is by enrolling in conventional school settings. However, that is not the case. There are accelerated degree programs online that let individuals earn degrees like Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorates in two years.

It is among the best two-year degrees because you can have a legit academic recognition with the same value as a traditional degree without spending too much time in university. In which most of these programs allow students to have more control over their academic schedule. Hence, the denser coursework and faster completion of the degree.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Another online trend gaining popularity in the virtual academic community is Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. These are open-access classes offered by accredited and real universities, like Stanford, Harvard, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some big corporations, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, are also offering these courses online on various platforms.

These are usually short courses that individuals can take for at least one week to 16 weeks max. Although these are not college degrees, it still serves as a valid academic recognition you can use for employment opportunities, especially if you have collated enough.

Despite the shorter curriculum, these degree programs can offer students enough expertise to make them well-prepared for real-life working situations. These will surely reinvent the system, which has long been criticized for its lack of provision in terms of essential career skills.

Jobs you can get with two-year degrees

People are right when they think that four-year courses should no longer be the basal requirement for professional success. Nowadays, more companies and industries are accepting individuals that hold diplomas earned through accredited two-year degrees.

In that regard, when you have the best 2-year degree, you can find employment opportunities in the following fields:


The most usual major you can get from a two-year degree program online is technology. Some examples are Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science. If you have at least a degree in one of these industries, you can earn at least 50,000 USD to 200,000 USD annually.


Communications is also a popular discipline for two-year academic offerings. When you have a degree in communications, you will have marketable skills fit for any industry and company. With such a versatile set of knowledge and skills, you can easily find employment opportunities in high-paying professions.


The travel industry is not the usual choice in the degree market. However, unbeknownst to many, it is an industry that pays well. Since they have limited job candidates, it is not a competitive market of skills and expertise. Hence, if you have a two-year degree in aviation, companies, and organizations will be more than willing to pay you more. Plus, you get to travel anywhere you like.

The problem with traditional education is that it does not address the reality that what matters in the modern workforce is skills, not degrees. Most companies nowadays look for employees with great school certificates, and most importantly, a great set of skills and expertise.

Hence, if you are worried that you do not have enough resources for traditional degrees, you can always get a two-year degree online. With this degree, you can focus on honing more applicable abilities valuable to actual working conditions.

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