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Career Choice: What’s yours?

We are all given lots of choices. The decision is ours to make whether we select the best choice or the right choice for us.  This situation very much applies if we are into a career choice. But if we have the right degree, then it’s easy to make a decision. If you love dealing with people, you may opt for a Social Work Degree.

Social work is a discipline which involves communication, interpersonal, and public relations skills.

Majors available:

  • Child and Youth Care
  • Cultural Sector Leadership
  • Community Development
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Health Information Science
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Local Government Management
  • Non Profit Organization Management
  • Public Administration
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Public Sector Management
  • Social Policy
  • Social Service Management
  • Social Work
  • Study in Policy and Practice

Career Choice: Is it best for you and your family?

Self-knowledge develops with age and experience as we go through life. As a person progresses in age, they acquire a greater and more accurate capacity to know themselves and this can be extremely helpful when making a career choice. However, we can never say that we know ourselves fully, even though self-knowledge is a process that ends with adolescence and youth. Dealing with various events can reveal new dimensions of our personality, which are already consolidated, but they come in contact only in certain contexts.

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The Importance of Self Knowledge in Making a Career Choice

One of these events plays an important role in the process of self-knowledge. It’s about the time of career choice that can usually be associated with the acquisition of professional identity.  This integration and career choice are performed only once and they are the initial adjustment to the profession. There are situations in which this change is felt affectively as a “shock”, due to the confrontation between reality and ideal, between the young emotional investment in work and the feedback received from the employer.

The career choice and expectations that young people have regarding their first job vary depending on their professional motivations, which are now becoming more focused around the need for status and financial security. In contrast to this type of motivation is the so-called “intrinsic motivation”, originating from the desires, needs, and their necessities of all young people, which unfortunately come with the risk of gradually “alienating” our inner self and creating a false social and professional identity.

A career choice that does not fit with what you and your true desires are as looking in a mirror that distorts the image. Nevertheless, it is possible that one day it bursts and you will feel the need of another career choice.

The same thing can happen if the relationship between your motivations and current or future job is not the best possible one. It is possible that by not having a proper opportunity to reflect your career choice and interests, to realize with amazement that many professions can change without ultimately reach a more complete self-knowledge, i.e. not consolidate your work identity.

But what we can do to not get in such situations that may arise anxiety and doubt? If the answer that comes most easily to mind is “buy a good mirror”, it means that you’re one of those people who wish to make a career choice by taking into account your inner self. And it is good to know that you if have unpleasant surprises when you see the way you really are in a professional context, it means that you have reach an optimal level of self-knowledge and your career choice was probably the right one.

A career choice is a complicated process. It should go a long way before reaching the perfect level of understanding. If you cannot answer the question “Who am I and what I want to do” how to make a career choice? To bring you satisfaction, work should always match your personal profile.

Finding the perfect job is not only about making a career choice for good area for development. The workstation is directly related to the work atmosphere. Nobody can say what job suits you best. A career counsellor can only guide you in your career choice. They can make your final decision by giving you adequate notice, but it is you who will actually decide about your career.

When you make a career choice, it is best to attach it to your personal interests. There is nothing better than a job you want. The human being spends most of their life working. When you see your professional duties as a kind of hobby, then you would not only be engaged with your work, but you will always have an inner feeling of satisfaction.

The monthly salary is very important, but it should not determine your career choice. Based on numerous studies, it was found that money does not always lead to job satisfaction. For a large percentage of people, it is much more important to know the joy of what they do: enjoy working with all its obligations.

If I leave this job, I will lose the skills I have acquired to date. This is a common thought among them who decide to get an online degree and make another career choice. The good news is that you do not lose skills like that. Once acquired, they stay with you for life. Perhaps you cannot apply them the same way to your new job you did in the previous one, but remember that your skills are not going to disappear. Today, if you are not satisfied with your work, you can make another career choice at any time.

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