07 Sep 2020

Do Companies Ask for Transcripts?

For instance, academic transcripts are now being

07 Sep 2020

For instance, academic transcripts are now being regarded as official documents to certify that you have accomplished the degree. Meanwhile, not all employers ask for transcripts, making working adults confused. Do companies ask for transcripts? Are these documents their basis for hiring employees? Find out the answers in this article

Why Does A Company Look at Your College Transcript?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in several ways. Among its negative impacts is causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. That’s why these degree holders who were affected find jobs by complying with all the requirements. However, being a degree holder does not guarantee that you can land your desired position. One reason is if you cannot provide the requirements that the employer asks you.

Let’s assume that companies ask for transcripts. The question is, why? Is your diploma not enough? To answer this question, it is essential to understand what an academic transcript is and its significance.

Academic Transcript Overview

An academic transcript is a vital document that contains important information. What’s written in the transcript is all the subjects you take, your grades, and even your academic achievements. Meaning, if you got awards in the university, you can find them listed on the academic transcript. But why do employees need it? Some companies ask job applicants to submit their transcripts to check their grades and accomplishments.

What if you are not academically inclined? Indeed, not all people excel in academics. It is because they possess different types of intelligence. For instance, you may not be good at mathematics or grammar, but you are an excellent singer or dancer. Worry not because many employees do not depend on the grades alone. They look for the attitude of the applicants. If you have a clean record at school, you could gain a positive impression from the employers. 

Another reason why some companies check the transcripts is because there are applicants who fake their degrees. Yes, you heard it right. Some individuals who were not able to get a degree buy fake diplomas to present them to the companies. Although there is a chance of being caught, they are not afraid since they are desperate to land the job. That’s why employers are getting stricter in the hiring process. They ask for a transcript to check if the person has acquired a degree.

Forging Transcripts: Is It Possible?

No matter how companies become stricter in the hiring process, some people find ways to forge the documents. There are degree makers nowadays who offer services that help students get their preferred degree. Some individuals fall into this trap because they are affordable. Besides, they can earn a degree quickly. Meaning, they don’t have to attend classes, submit requirements, and spend thousands of dollars on tuition fees.

Forging a transcript is one way that makes people not afraid of the consequences. It’s because there are degree makers who are excellent in making phony documents. They can make the transcripts and diplomas look real. So if the company looks at your college transcript, you can guarantee that it will look authentic. So, many students are tempted to buy fake degrees to acquire a degree that they want.

The Consequence of Forging Transcripts

Buying a degree sounds fun because you can receive your diploma and transcript in the most affordable, convenient, and fastest way possible. But not until someone discovered that you are using a fake document. You’ll surely worry about the consequences that you might face once the authority learned that you are forging transcripts and diplomas. So what will the company do if they find out your secret?

You’ll face different consequences, depending on the country’s sanctions in terms of using phony documents. But in the worst-case scenario, you can be put into jail and spend years in that place. Not only that, but you will also lose your credibility as a person. Therefore, no company will trust you again because they will think that you are fooling people for your interests.

That’s why no matter how beneficial forging transcripts is, it is better to earn a real one. Whether companies look at your documents or not, it is better to be safe and keep your credibility. Besides, there are affordable and faster degrees that you can take online such as associate programs. Many academic institutions offer these short courses, allowing people to land better jobs.

Do Companies Ask for Transcripts?

Maybe yes, maybe not. But what matters most is that you earn a real degree so that there will be no problem when a company requires it. If your document got lost or you were unable to finish your degree, you can earn one online. Many degree makers can help you acquire a real academic program in an affordable and faster way. “Do companies ask for transcripts?” This question will not bother you anymore when you obtain a degree.

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