27 Aug 2020

Do Fake Transcripts Work? Yes or No?

The job market is experiencing credential inflation.

27 Aug 2020

The job market is experiencing credential inflation. Meaning, employers are looking for employees with glittering credentials. Hence, having only a diploma will not be enough to gain success in your professional life. People looking for a job must provide their transcripts as well. However, not everyone has an impressive set of school records. As a result, they tend to look for ways to make a fake official transcript. But, do fake transcripts work?

Importance of transcripts

Before knowing whether you can use a fake official transcript for employment, you must first understand how important this document is. That said, what is a transcript?

A college transcript is an important document that records a student’s time in university. It holds valuable information such as your complete curriculum, grade per subject, grade point average, attendance record, and the like.

Without a transcript, it will be hard for you to have a strong claim to your degree. This is because it primarily contains every necessary detail about you as a student. Imagine how people believe that you are a real degree holder if there is no record proving it? Thus, the importance of a transcript.

Can you use a fake official transcript?

Due to the relevance and importance of its content, employers find it necessary to check a job candidate’s college transcript. They use the information to have a better understanding of your skills and knowledge. By doing so, they can know if you are suitable for the job you are applying for.

Sadly, if your original college transcript is not that impressive, or has many failing marks, you cannot use it to gain career benefits. Thus, you might wonder if you can use a fake official transcript instead.

True enough, there are many people who use a fake official transcript. Not to mention, most of them get away with it. However, a fake official transcript can only work if your employer does not bother to do a background check or if your fake transcript generator is good.

On the other hand, if you present a fake official transcript and your employer did a background check, be prepared to face grave consequences. Some risks of using fake official transcripts can cause you to lose your job, face legal sanctions, and put an end to your career.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use a fake official transcript for whatever purpose. No matter how well a fake transcript generator markets itself, do not fall for its claims. This can only put you at risk.

Instead of making a fake official transcript, what you can do is to buy a transcript online. There are many third-party degree sellers in the virtual market that have official partnerships with real universities. Since their school partners have physical campuses, these websites have access to actual college transcripts. Think of it as a fake transcript with verification. But, it is not a fake transcript since it is from a real school.

Benefits of college transcripts

When you buy a fake transcript with verification from authentic degree sellers, you can enjoy the benefits of being a real degree holder. You will have a document that can safely and positively appear on any background check. Thus, you can use it to demand the following advantages:

Higher positions within a company

Remember that the very reason why employers ask for college transcripts from job candidates is to know further what they can offer to the company. Hence, you can use an impressive fake official transcript with verification to demand higher ranks in your company. 

If you are a fresh graduate or starting a new career, you can use your college transcript to skip entry-level jobs. Meanwhile, if you are already an established professional, you can use it as a credential booster for a possible promotion.

Better salary rates

Higher ranks come with better salary rates. It is an inevitable precedent of using your college transcript to climb up the professional ladder. However, even if you remain at your original job position, you can earn a higher income by using a fake official transcript with verification. The impressive document will let your employer know the value of your skills. Hence, they will be inclined to pay you more.

Premium employer-employee benefits

Those who have an impressive school record can get jobs within established companies. As a result, they earn prime bonuses from their employers. With a college transcript, you can have employee benefits, such as paid work leaves, health insurance, and retirement pay.

Generally, when you have a college transcript, you will have better professional credentials. People will trust and appreciate your expertise more. Thus, letting you earn advantages in your career.

Fake official transcripts do not work

Despite the convenience that fake official transcripts provide, it is best to stay away from them. If you are still in university, it is more recommendable for you to invest your time and energy in creating a stellar school record. You can do this by exerting hard work in your coursework, meeting deadlines without compromising quality, and maintaining a good character in school.

By doing so, you do not have to worry about using fake official transcripts in the future. But, if it is already too late for you, that you are already out of school, you can buy a fake transcript with verification from authentic degree sellers. These documents are what you can get as close to a real transcript.

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