01 Sep 2020

Fake Degree Makers: How to Avoid Them

Many people are debating the relevance of

01 Sep 2020

Many people are debating the relevance of college degrees in the modern workforce. For them, the idea that higher education guarantees successful careers is a thing of the past. However, no matter what these idealists say, college degrees will stay relevant not unless there is a sudden shift in the demands of the corporate world. And as these certificates maintain its importance in society, so does the existence and function of fake degree makers.

Fake degree makers are dealers or manufacturers of counterfeit academic recognitions. In the beginning, they are mostly known as diploma mills that use phony academies in certificates instead of real universities. However, due to technological innovations, most of these companies can now forge diplomas from real universities. For example, it is possible for you to find and buy a fake Harvard diploma online. 

Because of the prevalence of fake degree makers, they victimize a lot of desperate people looking for higher education certificates. Not to mention, there is an estimate of 100,000 fake degrees sold in the US alone. Thus, making it a multi-billion industry that cannot be easily taken down.

How to know fake degree makers

Thousands of fake degree makers have plagued the virtual academic market on the internet. This is a problem that has long been disturbing the education system. Yet, no matter how much effort authorities exert in dismantling the business, it will continue to thrive as long as people patronize the service.

But, people do not support fake degree makers simply because they want to. Most of the customers usually think that they are purchasing a real degree. But after using their certificates, they uncover the dim truth that what they bought was nothing but a bogus piece of parchment.

Hence, if you are looking for an instant school certificate but do not want to be one of the victims of fake degree makers, you need to know how to spot fake degree makers or fake diploma makers.

In that regard, here are the things you should look out for:

Accredited partner universities

Fake degree makers do not have partnerships with real universities. Most of them use made-up universities to put on their fake diplomas. Meaning, even if they have a list of schools they are officially collaborating with, you will never find records about the institutions.

Hence, you need to carefully and specifically assess every partner university of a website claiming to sell degrees. Cross-check with your local government to see if the university is accredited or recognized by your state. If not, you should not continue with your degree purchase, as this is the major red flag to look out for.

Due processes

People find out that their degree purchases are fake because they negatively appear on background checks. What does that mean? For example, when you use your phony degree for employment opportunities, employers sometimes verify it from the granting university. And since you buy it from a fake diploma maker, there is no record of it in their system. Thus, failing the background check.

To avoid such circumstances, real degree makers have due processes that verify and legalize their degree offerings. However, fake degree makers do not provide these kinds of services. Hence, the only means of getting away with a fake diploma is to hope that your employer does not do a background check.

Product costs

Fake degree makers market their products at low prices. This is because producing a phony academic certificate is easy and does not take too much capital and resources. Because of this, many people think that they are getting a good deal for cheap costs. But, what they are truly getting, is a useless degree.

However, do take note that some fake degree generators also charge more than what they should. Hence, if you are going to buy degrees online, look for a website that sells their degrees at reasonable price points. In which your diploma purchase should not cost more than what you would pay for if you were to enroll in a university.

To put it simply, do not buy a degree from websites that offer superficial claims. You see, real degree sellers, unlike fake diploma makers, do straightforward business. They only provide degrees with verifiable supporting documents. And since the materials pass due processes, it takes time and capital to produce. Hence, they cannot be instantly delivered for a low value. If a website claims otherwise, then it is most likely a fake degree generator.

How to make fake degrees with verification

Instead of buying diplomas from fake degree makers, you can ask the help of authentic degree sellers. These websites have official partnerships with real universities that have physical campuses. Hence, they can provide you with fake degrees with verification.

Essentially, fake degrees with verification are not bogus. The only thing that categorizes them as fake is that you did not conventionally earn them through university schooling. But, fake degrees with verification have real supporting documents and undergo legalization and verification processes. Hence, they will safely appear on background checks.

Therefore, if you want to know how to make fake degrees with verification, look for a real website that offers accredited and genuine academic recognition. It is the closest thing you can get to an actual diploma certificate.

Risks of fake degree makers

The problem with fake degree makers or fake degree generators goes beyond the academic community. Yes, it imposes negative credibility to these educational certificates. However, other significant consequences arise from the existence of the business.

For example, the US government noticed that illegal immigrants use most of the degrees purchased online from fake diploma makers. Now, this imposes grave threats to national security as fake diplomas can be used by terrorists to enter the country.

Also, because of the prevalence of fake degree makers, many universities are losing income revenue. Why? Because more people are choosing to buy degrees instead of enrolling in academic facilities.

Aside from that, those who purchase academic recognition from fake degree makers put significant risks to their careers. Not only will it be a disadvantage, but it will also let them face legal sanctions, lose their professional credibility, and end their careers if they are caught using a bogus diploma.

Hence, if you do not have other options and if you badly want an instant degree, make sure to get a fake degree with verification. This will lessen the risks you might face when using the product. By doing so, you can have a certificate that is legal, verifiable, and will safely appear on background checks. Thus, you can use it to gain career advantages. 

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