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Now that you have all the degrees in your resume, you can still add more with a professional diploma to increase your employment opportunities even if you find a local job. A professional is very much ideal to people who want to earn a specialized degree but do not have enough time to attend school.

BuyOnlineDegree offers professional diploma with selected majors.  Whether you want to expand your career or update your resume, this additional degree is a sure addition to your qualifications.

Degree Type Professional Diploma (Selected Major Only)
Details Professional certification, professional certification or professional designation is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. Not all subject areas have professional diploma. We have a limited major available in this diploma, for example, business, computer technology, environment, economic, language education, logistics and transport, project management and security, etc.
Price: US$290
Years of Experience recommended: 4 years

Find a local job, earn a degree first!

The labour market is skin-tight at the moment and jobs are wanted competitively. In many cases, jobs posted on the Internet will  be seen by millions of job seekers, making it difficult for you to stand out when you want to find a local job. You can find a local job outside the Internet and here are some hunt strategies and creative tips that will help you be the one who is hired for the ideal position.

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Find a Local Job – A Hassle-Free Guide

Find a Local Job in Job Fairs

One of the easiest ways is to attend a local job fair in order to find a local job. If you go unprepared, job fairs can be pretty disappointing. Don’t miss this opportunity to find a local job as a stepping stone for a permanent position. Job fairs are also great places to network and meet employers as well as interrelate with other people who are looking for jobs. In time, this can generate a larger number of people who can help you know first about a job opening and you can return the favour when necessary in the future.

In order to be successful, go prepared with a verbal bio of your recent accomplishments that you can present in 30 seconds. Try to reduce your resume to outlets that can easily answer the question “why should I hire you?” This is a great way to find a local job. You could also prepare cards with the title of the job you want as well as all the details you consider necessary. You can hand these out to everyone you speak with at the fair.

Attend the show earlier in the day job and in order to catch the representatives before being exhausted. While giving your 30 seconds speech, hand them your resume and try to get a card from them if you want to increase your chances to find a local job. Write the job name on the card, and be specific about the way you intend to follow up. When you get home, don’t forget to complete the online application from the company as well.

Find a Local Job in Alumni Services

You can contact the Alumni Office of your former university in order to see what services they provide for graduates who are looking to find a local job. In many cases, they can offer courses for softening interview skills and polishing your resume. Don’t forget to bring a current copy of your resume as well as a list of the job seeking activities you participated. This will reduce the duplication of efforts and help them go beyond your own particular efforts to find a local job.

You can also try to network through the alumni association by retrieving their database of former students. Try to gather as much contact information as possible by company of interest and job type and attend the events of the former. As not all jobs are posted or advertised, networking can never be undervalued in prominence when you want to find a local job. Numerous job seekers who are in interaction with a networking company are employed based on the references put in the name of the applicant, so you should not overlook this when you want to find a local job.

Find a Local Job in Networking groups

If you are a religious person, you can join a Christian non-profit organization,  Career Network, with locations in 25 states. Each church offers coaching for different careers, including support meetings, career events and workshops and many resources that provide information that can help you find a local job and get hired.

In order to find a local job, you can also contribute in the events sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. Generally, this is a group of business people who embody the community and local businesses. Every room has its own programs, however all are dedicated to the excellence of the future workforce. Try to contact your local office for job shadowing, employment forum, internships, as well as business opportunities or visits / tours.

Finally, you can increase the chances to find a local job by acquiring an online degree. It is a known fact that people who hold university degrees are preferred by employers and this is the situation for local jobs as well. Make sure you increase your chances as well by getting an online university degree.

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