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With the current economic crisis we have now, it is more practical to find summer jobs to add more income in preparation for the difficult times. Even those who have stable jobs still dare to find summer jobs just to earn more for additional savings.

BuyOnlineDegree gives you a chance to find summer jobs especially if you get awards such as the Professorship. It doesn’t matter what course you have or what profession you enjoy.  As long as you have the skill and the expertise, you can be granted with this award. Just take a look with the details for more information.

Degree Type Professorship
Details A Professor (Professorship) will be granted to a person who is scholarly teacher, in addition, a person who is an expert in their own area.
Price: US$790
Years of Experience recommended: 8 years

Find summer jobs in your community and increase your income!

You are a student and you have decided to find summer jobs to fund your education, or to put some money aside to increase your budget a bit for the next school year, or just to give you a few weeks off. Here are some tips to help you.

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Find Summer Jobs – The Essential Guide

When to start the quest to find summer jobs?

If you want to work in administration, in a large company, or in a bank, it is advisable to submit your application in January in order to find summer jobs that year. If you want to take up employment as server in a bar or a restaurant, a shop assistant or cashier in a supermarket, start canvassing in April with your future employer. Anyway, do not wait until the last moment if you really want to find summer jobs. It will be appreciated if you provide a resume and cover letter when you want to find summer jobs: it can make the difference with other potential candidates. Do read one and the other by a friend or relative in order to not let mistakes or blunders. If an interview is scheduled, prepare a minimum: look after your presentation and your speech, highlight your motivation and skills, and show that you are aware of your shortcomings, and of course you try to correct. Do not hesitate to remind your employer of your application to find summer jobs by sending an email (without spelling mistakes!) a few days after you mail your letter or have it delivered by hand.

At what age can one find summer jobs?

You can work during school holidays when you are over 14 years. However, beware, between 14 and 16, you must meet a number of constraints, such as the fact that your employment contract must not exceed half the total duration of your vacation. Before the age 18, it is also impossible to find summer jobs that require night work.

How do I find summer jobs?

Companies often use websites to post job offers, so you should have a look at the section dedicated to students on at least several websites in order to find summer jobs quickly.

Ideas to find summer jobs

Summer jobs, as their name suggests, concern sectors that recruit particularly during school holidays because they fill a need exacerbated at this time of year: these are mainly the sectors of hospitality and catering, shops, and children’s sector. Some examples for each area in which you may find summer jobs:

• Hotels, restaurants: server, bartender, dishwasher, maid, receptionist , telephone operator, transporter.

• Trade: cashiers, sales, warehouse in supermarkets, telemarketing agent, receptionist, warehouse.

• Children: summer camp instructor, host of leisure centre , baby-sitter .

You can add some services to people, more easily implemented out with the new status of self-employed and thus you can choose to find summer jobs in computer troubleshooting, animal care, creating and selling jewellery, guarding property, gardening or taking care of pools. It is up to you to be imaginative and use your real skills in a specific field. But you may have special skills that you can exploit this opportunity: to tutor if you are a musician, a convoy sailing to Cape Verde if you know how to surf, take a group in the mountains if you have a patent guide, etc. Some agencies recruit in these specialties, so open your eyes and your ears if you want to find summer jobs that will actually make you happy. You can also opt for an internship in the field in direct connection with the contents of your studies, often less remunerative, but more long-term trainer in the context of your career … if you have one! In order to do this, you can get a degree online to find summer jobs, if you don’t already have one from a university.

The employment contract when you find summer jobs

Any summer job contract must state various mandatory elements: your name and social security number, personal information of the employer, the exact duration of the contract, position held, the number of hours and hourly rate, the nature of work required, the corresponding gross pay, the scheduled days off. This contract must be signed within two days after you are hired, and cannot be broken unless there is negligence on your part. It binds you to your employer and gives you mandatory obligations: you must declare your income and maintain schedules and commitments for which you signed this contract to find summer jobs.

What salary will I get when I find summer jobs?

The salary cannot be less than the hourly minimum wage when you find summer jobs. The compensation that you receive is different if you are fed and housed (summer camp, au pair, server housed at the hotel, etc.). Remember to keep your pay stubs and your contract of employment; you will need them for your retirement!

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