01 Sep 2020

About Golden Gate University MBA

Are you looking for a degree that

01 Sep 2020

Are you looking for a degree that will ease your way into a secure future? A Master’s degree in Business Administration from Golden Gate University or a Golden Gate University MBA may be the one you need.

Golden Gate University (GGU) is a private non-profit academic institution in the urban city of San Francisco. It is among the largest and leading universities in the US, with other campuses in key locations, such as Seattle and Silicon Valley.

GGU offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, the institution is mostly known for its academic programs in information technology, taxation, and law. That said, if you were to choose the best degree from GGU, it should either be a Golden Gate University Human Resources degree or a Golden Gate University MBA.

How to get a Golden Gate University MBA?

Business administration is one of the most popular choices of degrees. This is because you can have a flexible and more marketable set of skills when you study the discipline. Meaning, you can enter any industry and still be one of the most in-demand personnel.

In that regard, people usually aim for a Bachelor’s degree in Business. But, that is no longer enough in a competitive job market. Nowadays, employers are looking for those who have higher academic recognition or graduate degrees, especially in common industries. 

Therefore, you need to get a Golden Gate University MBA if you want to succeed as a business professional. But, how can you earn a GGU Master’s degree in Business Administration? By completing the university’s graduate admission requirements, which are the following:

Degree program admission

Golden Gate University has a relatively competitive acceptance rate for its graduate programs. Before anyone can be an eligible graduate student, they must have a regionally accredited Bachelor’s degree, professional and academic capabilities for graduate studies, and quantitative, qualitative, and writing skills.

Application documents

To prove your previous academic background and expertise, you also need to provide some documents for your application. These are the admission application form, official academic transcripts, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) results, English proficiency exam results if you are not a native English speaker, and Certification of Finances if you are an international scholar.

Proficiency requirements

Aside from your standardized test results, Golden Gate University also asks for other proficiency requirements. Thus, you need to submit your Graduate Writing Proficiency, Graduate Business Proficiency, and Graduate Math Proficiency results.

These are only the general admission requirements of GGU. Every degree program or major has its specific set of requirements and demands. Also, do not forget that you need to pay a non-refundable application fee of 65 USD.

Getting a Golden Gate University MBA fast

The problem with traditional education is that it takes too long to get your diploma certificate. Sometimes, time in university can be uncertain. In which some students spend almost a decade just earning a Master’s degree. Such is also true when you are getting a Golden Gate University MBA or a Golden Gate University Human Resources degree. Thus, if you want to quickly get a Master’s degree in Business Administration from GGU, you can buy it online instead. 

Buying a degree online is not a modern invention. It has long been around since the first academic recognition became available in the market. What has changed throughout the years is the masses’ acceptance of the trade. Now, people are more appreciative of the thought of getting a degree from degree sellers.

Before, selling degrees was a trade that was usually done behind closed doors. Now, degree sellers are bolder as more real universities offer official partnerships with them. Meaning, you can get an authentic Golden Gate University MBA and Golden Gate University Human Resources degree with supporting documents, such as Golden Gate University transcripts online.

When you buy your GGU degrees and Golden Gate University transcript, you will easily earn a valid academic recognition. Essentially, you do not have to worry about annual school fees and uncertain university time. Pay once and get your degree fast.

Benefits of a Golden Gate University MBA

Golden Gate University MBA degree program provides a hybrid learning experience. Students learn fundamental core business expertise alongside soft skills, such as effective communication, executive presentations, and team building.

Aside from essential Business Administration know-hows, having an MBA from Golden Gate University also yields notable career advantages. For example, graduates from GGU have a median salary of almost 60, 000 USD. Besides, statistics have shown that GGU alumni with the highest median pay are from the university’s business school.

On that note, whether you buy or traditionally earn your MBA from Golden Gate University, you will surely experience excellent working conditions. You also warrant yourself to better company positions and premium employee benefits. 

Thus, it would be best to get a Golden Gate University MBA, or a Golden Gate University Human Resources degree now. And while you are at it, do not forget to also invest in a Golden Gate University transcript to have more credibility alongside your degree.

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