03 Sep 2020

Music Degree Online: Top Schools & Benefits

Affordable music streaming applications are dominating the

03 Sep 2020

Affordable music streaming applications are dominating the music industry. Besides making music more accessible, it has also opened more doors for aspiring musicians and neophyte artists. However, sometimes, talent and skills are not enough to shine in such a competitive industry, even with the most innovative technology. If you genuinely want to enhance your chances of getting that big break as an artist or a producer, get a music degree online.

Benefits of having a music degree online

Music is a form of art. Hence, it is a subjective industry that is hard to penetrate through. Most of the people who succeed in the industry have been working hard for years before getting noticed by a recording company, or they started their careers after graduating and getting a music degree online. And whichever path you choose to take towards a prosperous musical career, time, money, and skills are your biggest investments.

On that note, if you want to save resources and yield an easier way towards becoming a professional in the music industry, it would be best to get an online music degree or enroll in online music degree courses. Besides that, below are the more specific reasons why getting a music degree is worth it:

Practical learning solution

Online learning is a popular trend in modern education. Since its introduction, many universities have utilized the platform to provide more accessible, convenient, and practical learning solutions. That said, when you get your music degree online, you can have a comfortable study experience. Hence, you will enjoy having less academic fees to pay for, less time to finish your degree, and having more control over your studies. 

Professional credibility

True enough, getting a music degree online is not a requirement for obtaining success in the music industry. However, if your career path is more on the technical side of the business, having academic recognition is important. With an online degree in music, you will have better professional credibility. And, whether you are on the technical or creative team, this will help you have a more solid job foundation. With such credibility, you can easily land jobs in big recording companies and acquire higher positions.

Income benefits

Degree holders make 10,000 USD more than non-degree holders. This is because their set of expertise is considered more valuable, given the kind of training they received. Such is a fact that is also applicable in the music industry. Thus, those who had professional training or education are expected to gain premium income from their employers. 

Generally, having a music degree online offers a better return on investment than having none. Getting professional or institutionalized training is not free compared to talent and skills. Yet, with the benefits it upholds, it is a great advantage to have.

Best schools that offer a music degree online

When it comes to getting a music degree online, it is best only to choose the most elite school. In such a subjective and creative field, a renowned school will let you have better chances of earning benefits as a degree holder. Meaning, your university of choice can make or break your career as a music professional.

Hence, here are the top five schools offering online music degrees:

Juilliard School

Tuition fee: 40,000 USD

Juilliard is the most prestigious performing arts university and conservatory in New York City. It is a globally-recognized institution when it comes to providing not only quality but elite education in music. Hence, you can find only the best online music degrees from their premium academic offerings. Some of its best music programs are Jazz Studies, Orchestral Conducting, Vocal Arts, Historical Performance, and Instruments.

Berklee College of Music

Tuition fee: 47,000 USD

Berklee College of Music offers unique online music degrees fit for anyone who wishes to pursue a music industry career, whether as performers, producers, entrepreneurs, songwriters, and teachers. The conservatory offers many degrees in music. However, its online music degrees are fairly limited to the basics. Some Berklee College of Music degrees are Music Production, Music Business, Interdisciplinary Music Studies, and Songwriting and Producing Music.

Rutgers University

Tuition fee: 12,000 USD

Academic excellence is the main deal of Rutgers University. It is the largest and oldest university in the metropolitan city of New Jersey. Aside from that, Rutgers is also continuously leading in university rankings. And one of their expertise in providing the best music degrees online, such as Musicology, Music Theory, Music Education, and Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Academy of Art

Tuition fee: 20,000 USD

Academy of Art is a premium private for-profit art school in San Francisco. It houses top faculties and holds exceptional provisions on distance learning. Thus, it is only rightful for you to get an excellent music degree online from its hundreds of degree offerings. In which the best choices of major would be in Music Production, Music Scoring, and Composition, and Sound Design.

Liberty University

Tuition fee: 11,700 USD

Liberty University is a leading evangelical academic institution serving most of its students through its innovative online learning solutions. It offers online degrees in various fields of music, such as Choral Music, Commercial Music, Music Instrumental, and Music in World Cultures. Through its academic programs, students enjoy hybrid educational paths, career preparation, music internships, and performance opportunities.

Earning a music degree online is not cheap. It can cost thousands of dollars without guaranteeing how long it will take to get your diploma. That is why many artists often dismiss the thought of getting official academic recognition for their skills. But, getting an online music degree is essential if you want to fare better in the industry.

That said, is there any other way to get an online music degree without spending too much? Yes! You can either apply for financial aid from the universities above or buy a music degree online from us instead. When you buy an online music degree, you will spend not more than a third of the standard tuition fees. Plus, you can have a valid diploma in weeks. In which all of your documents will come from accredited music schools. With our help and your talent, you can reach your big break in the music industry fast.

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