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On the job training program: Preparation to a Brighter Career

Companies do offer on the job training program especially if the task is quite complicated and requires a lot of skills. Even if you have earned the right degree, necessary training is still important.

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On the job training program: Is it necessary?

On the job training program are unfortunately often confused with workplace learning. This confusion is due to a great extent of convenience and lack of planning behind such kinds of on the job training programs. When there is no coherent training plan when employee development is not considered a priority, many companies use the phrase on the job training program to cover a lack of interest and investment in development. Unfortunately, this often leads to the demonetization of the development methods used correctly and effectively could bring great benefits both parties.

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What are the benefits of an on the job training program

Returning to distinguish training / learning, it is important to remember that when we use the term on the job training program we must keep in mind the presence of a trainer / instructor in an organized environment, while learning is clearly a process rather self-assumed and self-control.

In its proper acceptation, an on the job training program involves a process of organizing and planning before actual delivery. Though there is no need for elaborate logistics (the classroom overlaps in this case with the actual place of work and course materials are practical “tools” of the working day), this method of training should be planned rationally (taking into account a series of concepts, skills, etc.) as it takes time (depending on the complexity of issues in on the job training programs and training).

An on the job training program has several compelling advantages that make it the best choice in situations where it is important that such notions and / or skills taught to be put into practice very quickly, immediately after the delivery of the course. Last but not least, its value is even higher as the means to effectively involve future or existing employees in practicing the skills that are taught directly and immediately. The on the job training program leads to a relationship of trust between those involved, a thing that can contribute positively to the interaction within the group (if the two parties are part of the same team). Last but not least, every on the job training program provides an opportunity to provide immediate feedback. It will generally be based on facts and can be explained without the risk of misinterpretations.

The disadvantages of excessive use of the on the job training program but must always be taken into account. Naturally, it is possible that the person who delivers such training to perceive it as an additional responsibility that affects productivity, and they will tend to communicate too many topics in a single session. The consequence in these situations will be the clutter of information, whose usefulness will be really low. In this context, the student involvement in teaching will be low in order to minimize digressions. There is thus a real risk of not using the feedback constructively and to plan the sessions depending on other activities and not vice versa.

Many of these shortcomings can be avoided through proper and effective planning process when it comes to an on the job training program. It must take into account the specific needs of the student, the degree of knowledge of concepts and processes such as the interaction of learning and proper activation of the concepts that are taught. Last but not least, the person who delivers this training should be chosen carefully considering certain key skills and a real willingness (supported by interest) for the on the job training program.

If you are looking forward to embark on an on the job training program, you need to know that these are not usually available for all employees. In the majority of the cases, you will be required to have a degree in order to be eligible for on the job training program. Unfortunately, many people did not have the chance of getting one in their 20s, so they are now denied the possibility of advancing in the jobs they love simply because they do not have that piece of paper stating their qualifications. It actually does not matter if you are the best at what you do; in many cases, you will be required to be a university graduate in order to be promoted. This is where buying an online degree could come in very handy. You will be able to save plenty of time and money and remain focused on your job responsibilities until you embark on an on the job training program.

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