07 Sep 2020

Online Law Degree and Its Different Types

Many believe that being a lawyer is

07 Sep 2020

Many believe that being a lawyer is a challenging profession. It is because you need to spend more than the standard number of years to earn a degree. Meaning, instead of studying for four years, you need more time for you to become a professional lawyer. Although it takes time, lawyers have significant contributions to society. No wonder many individuals aspire to be a lawyer someday. If you are pursuing this profession, you may consider taking an online law degree to receive your diploma quickly. But before you enroll, make sure to familiarize yourself with the different types of law degrees.

What is An Online Law Degree?

Taking a law degree is the first step that you need to consider for you to pursue a career in the legal sector. After this, you need to study and acquire training to become a practicing solicitor or barrister. Being a lawyer indeed requires a lot of time and effort. Besides, you need to spend a considerable amount of money. Although this degree is notoriously challenging, you’ll be more comfortable with it if you are passionate about the profession.

An online law degree is the same legal program you can take from any university. The only difference is that you can earn a degree in the comfort of your home. In other words, you will experience convenience since you don’t have to commute or walk to school. Besides, there are many benefits to getting a degree online. Among these advantages are flexibility, less cost, and more career opportunities.

Beware of Fake Online Law Degree

As much as online degrees are convenient, there are risks when getting them. Some people are taking advantage of those who want to pursue a career in the legal sector. They fool people by asking them personal information and making a promise that these students will get a degree. But after you pay the full amount, the fraudsters will no longer contact you. If they do, what they will give you is a fake online law degree.

Therefore, you have to be extra careful when choosing your education partner. Do not trust degree makers easily. Make sure that the website is legal by checking its domain, website’s contents, and address. You may also verify their partner universities. Moreover, take time to check if the universities are regionally accredited. Remember, accreditation is significant in every academic institution. It certifies that the college can provide quality education. Besides, regional accreditation is the highest form of certification any university can obtain.

Different Types of Law Degrees

If you are pursuing a career in the legal sector, it is crucial to understand that there are several types of law degrees. So before you enroll and start earning an online law degree, make sure to familiarize yourself with them. Doing so allows you to become particular in the field you want to take. Here are some types of law degrees:

1. Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy lawyers work on behalf of creditors or debtors. Therefore, you’ll spend time reviewing financial documents, drafting motions, and creating vital records. This online law degree is ideal for you if you are not comfortable showing up in court. And if you do, you will only spend a little time on it

2. Business Law

If you have a degree related to business, you may consider taking this type of law degree. Thus, you can solve the issues that may arise in your chosen industry. You may want to study business law to help you run the business smoothly. With this, you can also solve the legal issues that your business might face in the future.

3. Criminal Law

Criminal attorneys work as defense attorneys or prosecutors. Thus, you may be required to have an aggressive personality because you will spend most of your work in the court. 

4. Civil Rights Law

If you are considering this type of law degree, you have to study the areas in constitutional law, disability law, race, and the law, housing discrimination, mediation, and trial advocacy. Why? It is because you need these courses to acquire a specialization in civil rights law. You can use your knowledge about these areas in protecting the people.

5. Employment Law

As an employment lawyer, you will represent either the employees or the employers. It is recommended for people who are extroverts since they have to meet lots of employees and employers.

6. Environmental Law

If you love to take care of the environment, environmental law is ideal for you. Receiving this degree can help you protect the environment. When it comes to the field of studies, you may need to study some complex regulations, statutes, treaties, and even conventions.

7. Family Law

Some family members bring their family problems in court. As a family lawyer, you have to solve these matters. Thus, you need to focus on the relationship between the individuals and family members. These include adoption, child welfare, and divorce.

You’ll experience some challenges when you take an online law degree. But to be comfortable when obtaining it, appreciate the benefits that you can gain. Besides, not all people have the opportunity to study this significant profession. Just remember to be careful when enrolling in a website. Not only that, but make sure to choose the best type of law degree suitable in your interests and passion.

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