27 Aug 2020

What is the Easiest Doctorate Degree?

Earning a doctorate is not an endeavor

27 Aug 2020

Earning a doctorate is not an endeavor everyone wishes to pursue. The academic journey is not as comfortable as getting an undergraduate degree or studying for a Master’s degree. Not to mention, most doctorate students do not finish their degree programs. Hence, many people are discouraged from embarking in doctorate education. And those who have enough mental courage to aim for a Ph.D. are wondering, “what is the easiest doctorate degree?”

What is a doctorate degree?

The reason why most students fail in their doctorate studies is because they did not expect that the academic journey would be extremely challenging. In that regard, if you want to know what is the easiest doctorate degree, you must first understand what makes a Ph.D. degree so hard to attain.

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Doctorate is the highest academic recognition you can get from studying. It is a high-level degree you earn through three to four years of education in a higher-education facility, like a university. In which most of the coursework is dedicated to research studies and completion of an academic journal or dissertation.

The curriculum encompassing a doctorate program is relatively easy if you exert enough effort to learn. However, the dissertation or the doctoral thesis process is another thing. It is what makes most doctorate students stay in school for almost a decade. The thesis is the final requirement to get a Ph.D. It also showcases the expertise of the student is enough to produce some novel ideas or contributions to his or her industry.

When you earn a doctorate degree, you will have the right set of skills and knowledge suitable for a career in academia. Essentially, you become a master of masters with your new-found expertise. Thus, you can have a better understanding of your field and be a more contributive member of society. Hence, the Ph.D. is the most valuable degree.

The easiest doctorate degree to get

If you ask someone, “what is the easiest doctorate degree to get?” They will probably tell you that it mostly depends on your academic provider and not the major itself. For them, it is best to look for an underrated accredited university. By doing so, you can have more chances of graduating since their standards are less competitive than those in the Ivy Leagues. 

However, you should not compromise the quality of education you are getting simply because you are looking for an easy Ph.D. degree program. Instead, you can choose to take one of the following doctorate courses:

Online life experience doctorate degrees

The easiest doctorate degree to get is an online life experience doctorate degree. This is a valid academic recognition that uses your relevant life experiences from previous employment, community work, and education. You can get this certificate by providing a portfolio holding all necessary files or materials that will prove your industry expertise. The granting university will then assess these documents and exchange it to school credits for a Ph.D. degree.

Honorary doctorate

You can also get a doctorate without going to school by applying for an honorary doctorate. An honorary Ph.D. is a certificate that values one’s notable contributions to their immediate community or the world. Despite having no academic merit, you can gain the Doctor’s title in your name. You will also have more professional credibility in your industry. To get this degree, you need to submit proof of your life-changing and novel contributions to society alongside a collation of letters of recommendation to the granting university.

Accelerated Ph.D. degrees

On the other hand, if you are fresh out of your undergraduate and Master’s studies and want to dive into a doctorate program immediately, you should enroll in an accelerated Ph.D. program. This academic path lets you earn a Ph.D. in fewer years. It also has flexible schedules and will help you have more control over your scholarly journey. Hence, giving you a more comfortable experience in earring a degree.

True enough, these are the easiest doctorate degrees to get. However, it can still take months or years before you can get a hold of your diploma. Hence, if you are looking for a more instant option, you can buy a doctorate degree online from us. We have official partnerships with real accredited universities. Therefore, we can provide you with a cheap doctorate degree with complete supporting documents.

Benefits of having a doctorate

Having a doctorate degree is not necessary in the corporate world. You can surely get employment opportunities without a Ph.D. However, if you want to earn more and have more satisfactory working conditions, you should invest in a doctorate degree.

Essentially, a Ph.D. will let you have better incentives in your professional life, such as higher income, better job positions, and having a solid foundation for your career. And to guarantee an easy way to career prosperity, only choose the easiest doctorate degree.

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